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Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra Volume 2

Volume 2 of this critical resource...

By Michael Allen, Louis Bergonzi, Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass, Robert Gillespie, James Kjelland, and Dorothy Straub Compiled and edited by David Littrell

The practical advice and undeniably helpful analysis found in the first volume of Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra continues with Volume 2.

The book contains thorough analyses of 100 of the most significant works for strings and full orchestra, Grades 1–6. Researched and compiled by scholarly musicians and teachers around the country, the book gives important information on each musical selection, including composer and composition information, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, musical elements, suggestions for additional listening, and a guide to selected references.

As a reference guide or a college-level text, this volume is ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the repertoire.

Table of Contents

Edition # Title
G-6091 Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra - Volume 2

Resource Recording, Orchestra, Vol. 2, Grades 1–3

Michigan State University Symphony Orchestra, Leon Gregorian, conductor

The CD set features masterful performances of Grade 1–3 string orchestra repertoire from Volume 2. Once again, these CDs maintain the highest standards. Perfect for anyone looking for the best literature available for string orchestra.

Edition # Title
CD-615 Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra, Vol. 2 - CD
Resource Recordings, Grades 1, 2 and 3 (3 CD set)

Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra, Vol. 2, Grades 1-3
Resource Recordings (CD-615)

Listen to Sample Tracks
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  Disk 1 (Grades 1-2)
Cross Country - Chase
Fancy Fiddles - Williams
Fiddling A-Round - Caonegro
Star Valley Suite - Movement I - Frost
Star Valley Suite - Movement II - Frost
Star Valley Suite - Movement III - Frost
A Quiet Music - Wagner
Appalachian Sunrise - Gazda
Baroque Fugue - Siennicki
Dance Scenario - Del Borgo
Dorian Variations - Allegro Moderato - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation I - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation II - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation III - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation IV - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation V - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation VI - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation VII - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation VIII - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation IX - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation X - Israel
Dorian Variations - Variation XI - Israel
Downtown Suite for Strings 1. The Library - Pinner
Downtown Suite for Strings 2. The Park - Pinner
Downtown Suite for Strings 3. Mainstreet - Pinner
Dramatic Essay - Williams
La Boca Grande - Kriechbaum
Moonlight Tango - Meyer
Song and Dance 1. Song - Washburn
Song and Dance 2. Dance - Washburn
Suite for Strings 1. Aria - Siennicki
Suite for Strings 2. Romance - Siennicki
Suite for Strings 3. Processional - Siennicki
Summer Stomp - Straub
Three Miniatures for Strings 1. Little Fugue - Daniels
Three Miniatures for Strings 2. String Song - Daniels
Three Miniatures for Strings 3. Rondo - Daniels
Toccatina - Hofeldt


  Disc 2 (Grade 3)
As Summer Was Just Beginning - Daehn
Ashokan Farwell - Unger
Brook Green Suite 1. Prelude - Holst
Brook Green Suite 2. Air - Holst
Brook Green Suite 3. Dance - Holst
Chapter One - Nuñes
Concertato in E Minor
1. Andante Sostenut - Avison
Concertato in E Minor
2. Allegro Con Spirit - Avison
Concertato in E Minor
3. Adagio
- Avison
Concertato in E Minor
4. Allegro - Avison
Contrasts in E Minor - Part I - Feese
Contrasts in E Minor - Part II - Feese
Declarations - Bishop
English Fugue - Shelby
  Disc 3 (Grade 3)
Hoedown - Ortiz
"Hopak" from The Fair at Sorochinsk - Mussorgsky
Listen to the Stars - Naylor
Olympiad - Movement I - Whear
Olympiad - Movement II - Whear
Olympiad - Movement III - Whear
Quinto-Quarto Suite 1. Quinteria - Isaac
Quinto-Quarto Suite 2. Penticato - Isaac
Quinto-Quarto Suite 3. Quintillian - Isaac
Quinto-Quarto Suite 4. Septarello - Isaac
Reverie for String Orchestra - Corigliano
Serenade for String Orchestra - Leyden
Suite for Strings 1. Little March - Washburn
Suite for Strings 2. Song - Washburn
Suite for Strings 3. Scherzo - Washburn
Suite for Strings 4. Finale - Washburn
English Fugue - Shelby

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